About Me



Exercise smarter. Feel better. Live longer.

Sadia Yansaneh is the Founder and Owner of SimplyTone Fitness. As a physical trainer with a demonstrated commitment to remolding the bodies of her following, Sadia brings a unique perspective and passion to the Atlanta community and fitness world abroad. In addition, Sadia is an award-winning track athlete; she continues to stay in touch with the athletic world through sponsorship with Champion Athlete, events with the Atlanta Falcons and youth and non-profit programs. Sadia, has five years of entrepreneurship experience that allows her to not only coach her clients physically, but also to provide insights and knowledge on how they can further themselves professionally and personally.

The Area of My Expertise

•Full ride track and field four year scholarship to Georgia Southern University
•10 years Track and Field experience
•Certified Personal Trainer 6 years
•Public Speaker
•Fitness coach with Nonprofit organization
•Online Fitness Health Coach
•Wellness Advocate

Running 90%
Nutrition 97%
Gym 85%